Ideator, Strategist & Producer/360

Federico Montemurro
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 Entrepreneurial by trade, I‘m a true believer in total integration with digital at the core.
A natural creative hybrid, fully hands-on design and production with a strong strategy background

2018 Porsche Das Renn Treffen

An Analog Photography Experience

Magnus Walker Attended
Fourth Annual DRT in Miami

Film Photography

My heart with analog,
my brain with digital, and
my hands with silver halide.

Medium Format

The debate about full-frame
is definitely over.
6x45, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 6x12, 6x17.

B&W Self-Development

A whole new experience bringing your pure magic back from the darkroom.


Gear Aquisition Syndrome.
You won't be able to stop the moment you got into analog.

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