Creative & Producer/360

Federico Montemurro

 Entrepreneurial by trade, I‘m a true believer in total integration with digital at the core.
A natural creative hybrid, fully hands-on design and production with a strong strategy background.
2018 Porsche Das Renn Treffen<br>Film Photography Work

2018 Porsche Das Renn Treffen
Film Photography Work

“The Power of Music”<br>Corporate Video

“The Power of Music”
Corporate Video

Kodak Phones<br>Magazine Print Ad Campaign

Kodak Phones
Magazine Print Ad Campaign

AKUA Mobile<br>EK4 Smartphone Website

AKUA Mobile
EK4 Smartphone Website

AKUA Mobile<br>RS3 Smartphone Website

AKUA Mobile
RS3 Smartphone Website

AKUA Mobile<br>MK5 Smartphone Website

AKUA Mobile
MK5 Smartphone Website

AKUA Mobile<br>FK1a Feature Phone Website

AKUA Mobile
FK1a Feature Phone Website

Windhaven<br>Mobile App Demo Video

Mobile App Demo Video

AKUA Mobile<br>RS3 Product Tri-fold Leaflet

AKUA Mobile
RS3 Product Tri-fold Leaflet



AKUA Mobile<br>3D Product Staging

AKUA Mobile
3D Product Staging

Windhaven<br> Corporate Video

Corporate Video

National Geographic/NAVY<br>Online Game & 3D Props

National Geographic/NAVY
Online Game & 3D Props

AKUA Mobile<br>E-Blast

AKUA Mobile

AKUA Mobile<br>Smartphone Packaging Design

AKUA Mobile
Smartphone Packaging Design

Sony Music<br>Company Deck Design

Sony Music
Company Deck Design

Forza Power Technologies<br>POS/Collateral

Forza Power Technologies

KlipXtreme<br>Print Ad Campaign

Print Ad Campaign

KlipXtreme<br>Retail Store & Event Booth

Retail Store & Event Booth

KlipXtreme Retail<br>Posters

KlipXtreme Retail

Kodak Express<br>Services Brochure

Kodak Express
Services Brochure

Kodak<br>Brand Refresh

Brand Refresh

HP<br>Sound Activated Camera Case

Sound Activated Camera Case

NATPE Cisneros Group<br>“Destino Rusia 2018”<br>Sizzle Reel

NATPE Cisneros Group
“Destino Rusia 2018”
Sizzle Reel

Nexxt Solutions<br>Wireless Routers Product Brochure

Nexxt Solutions
Wireless Routers Product Brochure

AKUA Mobile<br>MK5/EK4 Tri-fold Leaflets

AKUA Mobile
MK5/EK4 Tri-fold Leaflets

CAT Phones<br>Tri-fold Leaflets

CAT Phones
Tri-fold Leaflets

Social Media Content<br>3D Typography

Social Media Content
3D Typography

Xerox Printing<br>Content Production Studio

Xerox Printing
Content Production Studio

Forza Power Technologies<br>B2B Partner Website

Forza Power Technologies
B2B Partner Website

Discovery Kids<br/>The Four Seasons Game

Discovery Kids
The Four Seasons Game

Discovery Kids<br>Doki Adventures Game

Discovery Kids
Doki Adventures Game

Analog Photography

Analog Photography

Sony Playstation<br/>Facebook Contest

Sony Playstation
Facebook Contest

HP-Discovery Networks<br>Creatures Website

HP-Discovery Networks
Creatures Website

Alamos The Wines of Catena<br>Collateral Materials

Alamos The Wines of Catena
Collateral Materials

FoodSaver<br>Product Demo Video

Product Demo Video

Discovery Home & Health<br/>Abstract Video Content

Discovery Home & Health
Abstract Video Content

Accvent<br>Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Kodak Easy Fit<br>Kiosk Service App

Kodak Easy Fit
Kiosk Service App

Kodak<br>Picture Movie DVD

Picture Movie DVD

Ameriprise Financial<br>Financial Planning Tool

Ameriprise Financial
Financial Planning Tool

Abstracts & Freestyle

Abstracts & Freestyle